Level Up Donors with EveryAction’s Upsell Lightbox

October 29, 2019 | EveryAction Team
Level Up Donors with EveryAction's Upsell Lightbox.png

As year-end draws closer, nonprofit organizations are testing creative ways to raise more money. We all know to optimize donation pages, make sure data is secure, and utilize features like FastAction, but did you know that year-end is a great time to pitch donors making a one-time gift on becoming sustainers?

It’s not news that sustainers are valuable for nonprofits. On average, their donor lifetime can be 600-800% more than that of a one-time giver. Converting one-time givers into recurring is a great way to increase revenue and build a better fundraising program.

That’s why here at EveryAction we’ve launched a customizable recurring upsell lightbox for your nonprofit’s donation pages.


EveryAction users can enable these upsell lightboxes to activate upon submission on any donation page. After the donor selects a gift amount, enters their donation information and hits submit on the form, the lightbox activates.

The ask field and look of the lightbox can be customized to fit the parameters you believe will best fit your donors’ giving patterns.

If the donor decides not to make that recurring gift, they can simply click anywhere outside the lightbox; it will disappear and the original donation will still go through just as intended.

Upsell Example

If you’re wondering whether this interruption in the donation process could negatively impact conversion rates, Nonprofit Tech for Good tested this theory with a pop-up and found that while it increased sustainers by up to 64%, it had no impact on the overall conversion rate of the page.

Union of Concerned scientists saw increased sustainer giving by 28% on their main donation page after implementing a lightbox feature.

Increasing long-term recurring revenue should be the goal of all nonprofits. Especially as we approach year-end giving, it’s tempting to only focus on immediate revenue from one-time gifts. However, a more sustainable giving program relies on continued engagement, and what better way than to ensure a supporter is a donor for the long-term.

Already have a packed year end and can’t make the case to test a new feature on your donation pages? Q1 of 2020 is the perfect time to ramp up sustainer efforts. With an influx of new supporters from the holiday season and a slow fundraising season ahead, it’s an excellent time to start the year off right with new recurring donors.


If your nonprofit is looking for a more advanced way to split one-time gifts and recurring contributions, look no further than this Planned Parenthood innovation. They use a split upsell ask to encourage donors to use part of their contribution as a one-time gift and the remaining as the first contribution of a recurring donation.

In this case a donor makes an initial contribution of $25. With a split upsell, $13 of that donation would be processed as a one-time contribution with the remaining $12 used as the first contribution of a recurring donation. While this is a larger ask to make of the donor, it helps mitigate the trade-off of one-time contributions and recurring gifts and leverages both.


Donors are committed to helping your nonprofit thrive. While asking for more money may seem presumptuous, if you make a compelling case for an upsell, your donors may surprise you. After all, you won’t raise more money if you don’t ask.

If you’re a current EveryAction client, ask your Account Executive how you can get started using this new feature. Not yet on EveryAction? Click here to learn more on we can grow your sustainer program.