Increase Recurring Gifts + Update Contact Records with New Self-Service Portal

January 9, 2017  |  EveryAction Team

Nonprofit communications and development professionals are notoriously overworked - and they often spend way too much time on data entry and menial tasks that may arise. One common task that staff often undertake is updating their donors' payment information or changing supporters' contact records. With EveryAction, we've tried to cut down on that inefficiency by building a brand new self-service portal feature.

Self Service Portal: Update Contact

EveryAction's self-service portal, now available within Online Actions, allows donors to independently update their contact record, edit payment details and fix expired credit card information, adjust email preferences, and increase recurring donation amounts - saving nonprofit staffers the hassle of updating this information themselves.

When donors need to change their primary address or other contact fields, they can now easily update the information themselves directly to their contact record.

Self Service Portal: Update Email

...and finally, supporters can login to the self-service portal to adjust their preferred email and subscription preferences.