The Tools to Take You Through Year-End

December 2, 2019 | EveryAction Team
The Tools to Take you Through Year-End

We know that during year-end fundraising season every action counts. You’ve been prepping, testing, writing, and emailing all year long to maximize your impact this season.

With GivingTuesday behind us, nonprofits are preparing to finish off the rest of 2019 strong and capitalize on this momentum heading into 2020. As fundraising professionals ourselves, we know the incredible work you do should be powered by great nonprofit tools, not encumbered by out-of-date systems that might be down during pivotal fundraising moments.

Here are some ways nonprofits like you can raise more money during year-end and all year long.

1. A better mobile experience

Bounce rates on donation pages are a nonprofit’s worst enemy. According to the 2019 M+R Benchmarks, most organizations see conversion rates on desktop hover around 21% with a low 9% on mobile. With the future of digital engagement increasingly trending mobile, it’s important to work with a CRM committed to ensuring donors have the best mobile experience.

All of EveryAction’s online forms are mobile optimized out of the box—no additional code or customization needed! We also know filling out multiple form fields can be a deterrent to donors, so by optimizing mobile donation pages to display payment options such as Apple Pay and PayPal first, donors are able to select their payment method and have the donation form autofill their saved information. Less time spent filling out a form means fewer drop-offs and more donations to fuel your mission.

2. Increased network of one-click donors

One of the many perks of being an EveryAction user? The FastAction network! FastAction allows supporters and donors to store their contact information and payment preferences across the entire EveryAction network for one-click action taking. The only thing separating your supporters from making a donation is the click of a button.

3. Crafting better asks

Nonprofits should also leverage the data in their CRM not just to ask for donations, but to ask for more and to ask better. With features like an upsell lightbox, nonprofits can create customized asks pitching their donors to get even more involved—like by becoming a sustainer—when they submit their one-time gift. Ask amounts in upsell lightboxes can be customized based on the original gift amount, so you know you’re making the right ask for your donors.

Another way to customize asks is through smart links. Smart Links are insertable email tracking links that are just one more way to ensure your donors aren’t filling in form fields for information that’s already in your database (including credit card information for one-click contributions.) When creating a link to a contribution form, you can also customize the ask! We suggest basing it off highest previous contribution, establishing a base amount if they have no previous giving history, and using multiple links for multiple ask amounts.

Customizing your ask and pitching your one-time donors to become sustainers are just a few ways nonprofits can ensure a successful giving season.

4. Close out year-end with easier tax receipts

With all the hard work you put into year-end fundraising season, sending your donors tax receipts should be the simplest item on your to-do list. With EveryAction, users can easily merge a list of last year’s donations into any email as simply as you would a contact’s first name. You can also keep the personalization going by customizing which fields you want to send your donors.

Key takeaways

Your nonprofit CRM should empower your organization to seamlessly raise more money. At EveryAction, we’re powered by fundraisers like you and are constantly working to optimize our donation pages, improve the mobile experience, and support nonprofits doing more good!

These are just a few of the tools that can help nonprofits build a better fundraising program. Talk to us to learn more about how your organization can grow with EveryAction!