Achieve Your Goals With Nonprofit Digital Fundraising CRM Software

Best-in-Class Digital, Fundraising, & Organizing Tools on a Unified CRM.

EveryAction's best-in-class digital fundraising tool puts everything you need in one place, from email fundraising to advocacy to volunteer management and digital marketing.

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Smart Digital Tools Built Into One Fundraising Platform

EveryAction's unified fundraising platform brings digital and traditional fundraising tools together to engage supporters, retain donors, collect data, and create powerful connections that result in better outcomes.

  • Targeted Email

    Create beautiful emails with integrated one-click donations and unmatched deliverability rates.

  • Online Fundraising

    Mobile-optimized, multi-step donation pages -- built for one-click giving and secondary ask sequencing.

  • Social Network Integration

    Monitor and track influential supporters with Social Matching & Listening.

  • Advocacy

    Influence decision makers with one-click advocacy actions and use secondary asks to turn advocates into donors.

  • Event Management

    Create, manage, run, and report on online and offline fundraising events with ease.

  • Online Actions

    Optimized forms with one-click actions for any type of campaign you choose to run.

  • Mobile Contributions

    Organize anywhere and take donations using our MiniVAN app.

  • Data Visualization

    Build beautiful charts & graphs to see your data in a whole new way.

  • Network Effect

    Leverage over 47 million Action Profiles, which pre-fill forms and help your list gain momentum.

  • Volunteer Management + Member Activation

    Supporter organizing tools including canvassing, phone banking, events, and direct mail.

Game-Changing Fundraising Data Software

Say goodbye to clunky, outdated fundraising databases. Manage your nonprofit organization from one central fundraising CRM software.

Unified Fundraising Database

When you have access to all of your fundraising data on a unified system you get a complete picture of donation history, email engagement, and advocacy actions for each contact. 

Better List Segmentation

Search across online and offline donation history to create new donor lists for more targeted fundraising. Experience the power of list segmentation designed by nonprofit experts.

Smarter Integrations

Direct integrations with industry-leading analytics platforms, technology start-ups, and powerful APIs to help your organization operate in the digital age.

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Streamline Your Operations With An Innovative Fundraising Platform

Flexible, responsive tools make donor data more centralized and accessible for everyone involved in your organization. 

Built by a Team of Nonprofit Experts

EveryAction's fundraising CRM software is designed by nonprofit experts who understand how to fundraise effectively. We streamline every aspect of fundraising so that you can connect with more supporters.

Mobile Responsive From the Get-Go

Enjoy the convenience of fundraising CRM software that is mobile responsive. Effortless multitasking with a simple interface and intuitive navigation.

Manage, Analyze, Interact

Run your campaigns all from one fundraising platform. Collect donations, send thank you emails, track online activity, and stay on top of funds raised.  

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