Expanded Social Matching Allows Nonprofits to Learn Even More About Their Supporters

May 11, 2017  |  EveryAction Team

Understanding your supporters and meeting them where they are is an increasingly important part of any outreach campaign. From a grassroots effort to mobilize broad audiences like the Women’s March to high-touch, high dollar fundraising, having more information about the social media habits of your supporters will help you be more effective in your outreach.

This is why we’re doubling down on our existing social matching functionality in EveryAction. Before, only Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles were matched to an individual's contact record.

Now, 97 different social networks are matched daily, and also provide social media biographies to be integrated into a contact record. Additionally, an individual's photo will be automatically synced from their profiles when available.

You can find your supporters with a particular network with our updated search functionality, and when on that contact’s record, you’ll see a lot more information:

social matching-1.png

...and here's an individual's contact record with biographical info, social matched photo, and additional networks:bio blue.png


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