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Workflow Automation Software for Nonprofits

Use automated workflows to easily leverage data into action with personalized communications at scale. Steamline communication so that your time can be spent driving strategy.

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Customizable, Multi-Channel Marketing Automation

Easy-to-build workflows streamline tasks and save time, allowing you to raise more money and drive more action.

Start right away with out-of-the-box workflow templates.

What you see is what you get. Building workflows is simple, intuitive, and can be done in minutes.

If/then branching options allow for endless possibilities and customization.

Automate multi-channel communication including email and SMS to reach your supporters in the right channels.

Use automation to manage internal workflows such as applying codes to contact records, assigning staff follow-ups, and more.

From the Automation dashboard, receive a simple, real-time look at which workflows are active and how many contacts are enrolled in each.

Save Time, Increase Impact With Nonprofit Workflow Automation

Increase supporter engagement, mobilize activists, and raise more money with automation.

Increase Retention

Automatically enroll new supporters or donors into a branched and timed email series based on various criteria or actions taken.

Grow Sustainers

Create workflows to keep sustaining donors active with their contributions, maintaining the most critical part of your fundraising operation.

Recapture and Re-engage

For supporters who haven’t taken any action in a while, automatically enroll them in a workflow to send the right message at the right time and regain their attention.

Set It and Forget It Reports

Automate reports that generate on a recurring schedule and are automatically sent to any indicated stakeholder, so that everyone has the information they need, when they need it.

Cultivate and Upgrade

Build sophisticated workflows to continue nudging supporters over time to become lasting donors to your organization.

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Boost Conversions, Optimize Communication, and Increase Fundraising Today

EveryAction’s Workflow Automation makes it easy to send personalized, interactive content that your supporters will love receiving. Start seeing improved fundraising results today.