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The Best Digital Engagement Tools for Nonprofits of All Sizes

Our online advocacy software lets you organize your activists and engage with supporters to build your movement.

Empower Your Supporters. Drive More Action.

Online advocacy software effectively moves your mission forward through specially-designed advocacy features.

Engage Advocates

Easily send out petitions for your advocates to sign. With a simple click, supporters can contact legislators and policymakers to voice their support.

Digital Organizing Tools

EveryAction's online advocacy software allows you to streamline your process with easy-to-use tools that make digital organizing a snap. Users can create petitions, email volunteers, and embed sign-up forms.

Omni-Channel Campaigns

Effect change through petitions, emails, phone calls, and social media messages to elected officials, all generated through a simple form.

Online Action

Online Advocacy Messages Delivered Every Time

Trust that your advocacy messages are being delivered to their targets.

Customize Everything

Make this online advocacy software yours. Online advocacy pages are completely customizable, from adding custom fields to personalizing the look and feel of the pages and can be tracked on your customized dashboard.

Understand Your Grassroots

Knowing where your activists are coming from is vital information. EveryAction's online advocacy dashboard allows you to track key metrics in a quick snapshot or through in-depth reports. Your analytical data is safe, accurate, and formatted in a way that serves you best.

Unify Your Efforts

Your online advocacy software has everything your nonprofit needs in one system: click-to-call advocacy tools, online petitions, relationship tracking, social advocacy, supporter performance dashboard, and much more.

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Empower Your Supporters With Robust Online Advocacy Software

Online advocacy software gives you the tools you need to unite and activate supporters online. Contact us to get a demo and test drive the best online advocacy software available.

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