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Preferred Partners

EveryAction Partner Program

Supporting agencies, consulting firms & freelance consultants to help their nonprofit clients build pivotal relationships, drive growth, and raise more money.

  • Partner Incentive Program

    Our Incentive Program is designed to enable Partners to fuel their growth by working with EveryAction and nominating nonprofits to work with together. With this program, we hope to support more nonprofits in achieving their missions and enhance our support for our EveryAction Partner community. Learn more & nominate a nonprofit.

  • Regular Product Trainings

    Partners are invited to regular product trainings on the full suite of our tools, customized demos and strategic guidance from our product managers, so they can fully embrace the power of the EveryAction platform.

  • Exclusive Product Roadmap Briefings

    Partners receive exclusive updates from our product managers on upcoming feature releases and are invited to provide input on product features and enhancements.

  • Networking and Events

    Partners enjoy invitations to exclusive EveryAction events and our annual User Summit.

  • EveryAction Sandbox Access

    Partners have access to a free EveryAction sandbox account which can be used for training or testing.

  • Co-Marketing Opportunities

    Partners are invited to work with us to create co-marketing content such as case studies, webinars, guest blog posts and more, and to collaborate on local events and conference activities.

  • Partner Marketplace

    Partners can receive a listing in the EveryAction Partner Marketplace which is shared internally among company account managers and externally with our customers.

  • Referral Benefits

    Partners receive exclusive perks when they refer a client to EveryAction, through our incentive program.

  • Monthly Updates

    Partners receive monthly email updates from the Partner Program Team with product news, events & customer success stories.